Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warning: Do Not Update to iOS 4.3 as it will break mobile substrate [Caution]

iOS 4.3 is not yet released but still we've got an warning by the BigBoss, that if anyone updated their devices to iOS 4.3 it will definitely give some bad time to you as well as your device, As it will mess up your Mobile substrate (saurik’s extension for SpringBoard, And if this happened it will definitely corrupt your jailbreak tweaks like winterboard, sbsettings, bitesms, folder enhancer, etc.

iOS 4.3 is not yet released, as it is planned to release on 11th of March. But hackers have already gave us the warning. Those people who want to Jailbreak their device should not upgrade their firmware to iOS 4.3 with it's release. They have to wait until save Jailbreak has been released for it.

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