Saturday, April 9, 2011

Download Skype 5.3 for Windows with Improved Video Quality

Skype for Windows has now been updated to v5.3 with Better Video Calling Experience, and there are also some Bugs Fixes with it. Overall User Interface has also been Improved.
You might have missed that, Skype has also started a competition in which they want the users to create the best Chat Style for them for the Next Version of Skype for Mac, and the Winner will get a prize as well as his Style will also be integrated in The New Skype for Mac. Click here for Details.

Skype 5.3 Features:
  • Improved quality of video received from Skype on mobile devices
  • Skype shows users’ presence icons on collapsed contact profile cards
  • Conversation topic editing button is now always available on the conversation header
  • If a phone number is added to a profile after a failed call attempt, Skype starts a call automatically
  • Automatically switch to SMS entry after user adds mobile phone number to profile after failing to send SMS due to lack of phone number


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