Thursday, April 14, 2011

The First two Nokia Wp7 Powered Phones, Will be named as W7 and W8 [Report]

It has been tweeted by an Nokia antagonist on twitter named Eldar Mrtazin, He has a little confirmation that the first two Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia devices will be named as W7 and W8. The new W7 would be something like HTC Mozart and W8 would be like Nokia N8.

Here's what he tweeted on twitter:

He have also mentioned HTC Mozart as W7 and N8 as W8, so this might simply means that the new W7 would have specs and features like HTC Mozart but will be named as W7, and W8 might looks same like Nokia's N8 with some new features.

Nokia has already planned so much about the new WP7 Phones. They'll start shipement of Nokia WP7 powered Phones in 2012 as reported. It was also reported that Nokia will release 40 Mobile Phones wioth an Integration of WP7 OS in 2012. 

Nokia and Microsoft have a lot to reveal, we just have to wait for the Surprises!

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