Friday, April 15, 2011

New I'm Watch - The first iPhone based Wrist Watches [Technology] [Video]

I'm watch which calls itself the "Technology Jewel". It have what you need in an Wrist watch. Rather than being a Watch It also fulfill your every need of an cellphone, You can make calls, receive emails and text messages and much more. These new I'm Watches are totally different from any normal watches. It features an High Resolution Touch Screen which gives you the same experience you have on your iPhone. There are lots of designs in the I'm Watches to choose from.


These watches have a long list of features available:
  • Receive calls and see you caller’s name and number
  • Make calls using the keypad or your iPhone’s address book
  • Receive text messages and emails
  • See the weather forecast for your city
  • See your Facebook news feed
  • Receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Download music from the i’music store
  • Listen to the radio
  • Download apps from the i’m store
  • View your iPhone’s photo collection, arranged by album
  • View stock market data
  • Receive notifications for Calendar appointments and reminders
It not just it, These new Watches will features it's own App Store which will also Boost it's Performance depending on the App. Developers will be able to create Apps for these Watches. Social Apps like Skype, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter will be already available for it.

I'm Watches are to be released in September. And there are Various designs. And the Price varies from design to design. Example the titanium model is the cheapest at 599€, the most expensive is the white gold & diamonds model at 14,999€.



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Robbo said...

Its based on Android.  Duh said...

ilike it where i can buy this? can anyone tell me where to get this?

Kaye Navarrete said...

wohoooo. love it!

Fayyooz 2pac said...

take my money now!!!!

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