Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Nintendo Wii 2 coming soon [Report]

It's been a long that that we haven't heard from Nintendo about any new model of Wii coming. But now there are many reports coming out through which it gives a little confirmation that the new Wii 2 in HD will be releasing soon, Maybe this Summer. Wii was one of the best Gaming Console before the Microsoft's Kinect was released, As the Microsoft released their new Xbox Kinect, Wii lost it's first place.

Game Informer has got confirmation from some of it's sources that Nintendo is to reveal might reveal their new HD version of Wii Console in E3 conference in Los Angeles in June or might be sooner.

We have confirmed with multiple sources that this new home system is capable of running games at HD resolutions. There are conflicting reports, however, as to whether its graphics will be comparable to those on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – meaning it could surpass or fall short of those systems. Either way it will offer competitive specifications. Moving to HD should greatly help Nintendo and its new console in getting more multi-platform triple-A titles like Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat. This, in turn, will strengthen Nintendo's historically poor relationship with third-party publishers/developers.
The name of the new console is still not confirmed whether it would be the new Wii 2, Wii 360 or Wii HD? But still it would be more Powerful than Xbox 360 or Playstaion 3. According to a report from Kotako:
Nintendo has apparently been showing off the system to third-party developers so they can prepare titles for the console’s eventual launch in late 2012.
Nintendo still wants to be the best again, As they are said to drop the prices of Wii console in competition with Xbox and Playstation. So it's just a matter of time, No one knows what Nintendo will bring up in the coming months, But whatever it is it will definitely excite the Gamers Comunity.
We've heard about an HD Wii for some time now, and the time is perfect – almost necessary – for Nintendo to jump start itself with this new system. The company has been feeling the bite since Wii sales have declined from previous years, and this week's news that Nintendo could be dropping the price of the Wii on May 15 could be a precursor to this announcement and an attempt to move as many Wii units as possible out of the retail channel before the new system hits.
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