Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley Releasing This Week [Demo Video]

Rovio will now be releasing some new Levels for the Angry Birds Rio this Week. So we'll see some new levels for Angry Birds Again. Definitely, It will be the Sandy beaches of Brazil as the name Suggests.Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley will be featuring some new level volleyballs, beach umbrellas and monkeys.There will be a lot more to Discover in this new level update, As it will also have some various new structures such as helicopters and ships to blow up, and plenty of new hard-to-reach items that unlock bonus levels.

Rovio Mobile has already released an Demo Video of this New Update, You can see the new Levels and Features in the Video:

This update will soon be Available for iOS, Android and Symbian Devices.
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