Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TopShop Now uses Kinect & Augmented Reality, To let you Try out new Clothes without wearing them [Video]

The reknown International Fashion retailer Topshop has now included something new in their Shops. They are now testing the new Augmented Reality to let Customers try out the Clothes(from their Stock) without wearing them. They are still testing this new Experiment, They are now letting customers to try out using this new Augmented reality at flagship Moscow store last week.
The Fitting Room for Topshop has been built by Russian agency AR Door. It Interestingly Uses Kinect and Augmented Reality to give customers best results of Viewing their new Clothes.A built-in camera recognizes a human body and superimposes a 3D model of a garment; users can switch clothes using simple gestures, powered by Kinect.

Check out the Video of How it Works:

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