Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Google now Testing "Voice Search" Feature on Google.com

Google has now started testing their new Voice Searching feature on Google.com.It has been reported by Mashable that, They have spotted this new Google feature earlier on Monday Afternoon. This new feature when available will let you use your Microphone to Search for Specific terms. It uses an "Speak Now" Widget which sends your voice to Search engine and transcribe them into a search query.

Google Voice Search for Android was already available for Android Users, with the Google Voice Search Widget you are able to Translate and Search your Voice command directly from your Android Phone.

While searching by voice may be easier than typing in some cases, we don’t think you’re suddenly going to see an uptick in people shouting out their search queries. As our tipster pointed out on Twitter today, Google Voice Search “works surprisingly well but is very awkward to use in the office.”
This new Feature of Google is still in Beta, As it will be hard for them to get Voice commands from Different Languages and understand and translate them all, to give users best Search results. So it might take some time to release in Public. But it will be soon available.

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