Tuesday, May 3, 2011

iOS 5 New Notification System [Concept] [Video]

Apple's iOS has No Doubt Improved a lot after their first version was released. Evrytime they release the new iOS we see new features in them, But there are still some features which are still missing in iPhone and which users want on their Phones. Overall the iOS performance is great but their Push Notification system is missing. The same kind of feature which you're wondering is demoed in a Video, and is still a concept. Check out below:

This Push Notification system would be activated by an Application, Which you can see in the above image, will let you see all the Notifications from different apps of your iPhone directly on your Lock screen.

The app itself is very straight forward. Your notifications is structured in three simple views. The first is a list view in order to get an overview. The second is an extended view where you can read the full messages just like in an RSS news feed. And the third is notifications grouped by app, this way if you get 10 mails and 15 Facebook wall posts you can still find your 2 SMS messages quickly.
In all views you can also clear all notifications. Note that this only clears the notification, the actual messages is still there. You can also choose edit and delete specific notifications or groups.
Concept Video:

Check out the FAQ Page for this Concept App, to get more details.

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