Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unlock your iPhone 4 on BB 4.10.01, 3.10.01 and 2.10.04 Permanently with Advanced Gevey Sim Pro Plus [Video]

As we have earlier reported about the Gevey Sim Method, Which was used to Unlock your iPhone 4 on the Unlockable basebands such as 4.10.01, 3.10.01 and 2.10.04. Some hackers introduced this method because, They were unable to Unlock it with Ultrasn0w. Basically, Gevey Sim worked by forcing the activation of the baseband using the emergency dialer 112. But now this new Gevey Pro Plus sim will automatically unlock iPhone 4 without bothering you to dial 112.

The new and Important thing about this advanced Gevey Pro Sim method is that you won't have to Unlock your iPhone, every time you reboot. This works as an untethered. So once unlocked remain Unlocked forever.

Here's an Video about Gevey Sim Pro Plus unlock iPhone 4:

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ashley huge said...

When I've heard about this Gevey Pro Plus, I already purchase one to try it. At first, I'm so doubtful about it because I got it for only $28 in http://www.unlockaniphone.org/. But when I got the Gevey Pro Plus, it removes all my worries, and it really satisfies me.

Jimmyantrim said...

I bought this sim to unlock my gumtree purchased iphone4, 4.3.3 on 4.10.01 bb locked to vodafone,it works great on this network,but  as i have a contract with 3 network i wanted to change it,but it doesn't want or seem to work on Hutchinson telecoms THREE  network in the uk.......i've tried everything i could find on the forums but to no avail....anyone any ideas????

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