Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comparison between iPhone and Windows Phone 7 Games Prices [Why WP7 costs more?]

There are now almost more than 400,000+ Apps in the Apple's App store. And it's also recently been reported that iPad is mostly used for gaming rather than normal usage. iPhone and iPod Touch is nowadays also an good portable devices for gaming. On the Other hand we have Windows Phone 7 which have also some great features in it including the Xbox Live integration which makes it even more tempting to play games on it. 
But it's not the point that which device is better for gaming, the point is which one of these two provides best games with reasonable prices.

When the prices were compared, It was found that Windows Phone 7 Apps are twice times more expensive than iPhone Apps(games). The whole list has been Published below where you can see that almost all of the iPhone games are cheaper than that of Windows Phone 7.

Reason Why WP7 games are Expensive:

There are some reasons which we think is the reason for the high prices of Windows Phone 7 apps. One is that the developers had to do more hard work to integrate their games with Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7 which is an extra feature that iPhone don't provide. And another reason for the high prices are that, there are millions of iPhone users who buy games(apps) in a large amount and developers make a large amount of revenue from it, on the other side Windows Phone 7 sale is not enough due to lack of users. So developers doesn't make much profit of it, so in order to maximize revenue, developers charge their games higher on WP7.

Check out the Prices Comparison below:

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