Monday, June 20, 2011

Health Care: Now you can Check your Blood Pressure on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Using Withings BPM [Video]

A very interesting new feature has been included by Withings to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. They have just announced the Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) for iDevices which will let you directly see your Blood pressure anywhere anytime you want. This includes their whole Kit including an blood pressure cuff and companion Withings App. The whole kit will cost you around $129 in US. But nothing worth more than having good health, so it's a modern way and easy way to check your blood pressure readings in the personal and professional arenas.

This application allows you to easily monitor essential health and fitness data: weight, fat mass, lean mass, BMI, blood pressure and heart rate. Thanks to the graphic displays, you can check changes in health trends with just a glance. All our users will tell you, the Withings app helps them stay on track for a healthier lifestyle.
Combined with the wifi body scale and/or blood pressure monitor for iOS Device, the Withings app is invaluable. All your data is automatically recorded and available under the application, without lifting a finger. Weigh yourself and measure your blood pressure; Withings does the rest!
Advanced functions:
- Measure blood pressure in one easy step with the Withings monitor
- Automatic synchronisation with the Withings body scale
- Rich and relevant displays of all your measurements
- Comparison with doctors' recommendations
- Share your data with your doctor and/or family
- Zoom in on a particular day, week or month
- Enter your weight, fat mass and blood pressure manually with the intuitive interface
How it works:
The Withings BPM is truly a plug-and-play solution for blood pressure measurement and tracking. Users simply wrap the blood pressure cuff around their arm and plug it directly into their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using the incorporated cable. Once connected, the Withings App launches instantly on the iOS device and is ready to begin the measurement. When the reading is complete, the full results (Systole, Diastole and heart rate) are saved directly on the device, eliminating manual tracking.
Check out the Video Below:

It will be available soon, If you want to know more about Withings BPM or want to buy it, you can visit their Website at Their App is also available in the Apple App store for Free, you can download it once you've got the Kit.

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