Monday, July 25, 2011

Guide: How to create RSS Feeds for Google+ Profiles and get updates

After Facebook,  Google + is now the Second most fastest Social Network right now with more than 10 Million users. So being an Google+ user you'll definitely want to become a power user and want to follow other users posts. And create RSS Feeds to get the recent updates from them, but wait, Google+ dont let you create RSS feeds, so how should you do it.  just follow some simple steps we have posted below and you'll get it.

There are several methods available on the internet to accomplish them but we will look at two of them, Check them out below:

Create Google+ RSS Feeds:

First Method:

Visit the Unofficial Google+ User Feed creator at which lets you create the RSS feed for any Google+ Profile. Its very simple to use.

Lets say our Google+ profile url is

So we grab the unique long number for our profile

and add it to the url and we get a url like this

This is a RSS feed url. Simply add this to your Google Reader and you can track all our Google+ updates.

That was Simple :)

Second Method:

The second method is creating RSS Feeds through an online service, FeedDude. FeedDude is a useful web service which can be used to create RSS Feeds for any website which does not provide RSS feeds. You can easily create RSS feeds for Google+, Facebook or Twitter using FeedDude so that they can be added to any feed reader.

So you just have to Copy the Google+ Profile Link, And paste it in DudeFeed. And CLick Get RSS

After creating the feed, it will give you the link to download the created feed. You can download the RSS feed and add it to your desktop feed reader.


You can also copy that link given by DudeFeed and paste it into Google Reader to get the Feeds.

Thats it.

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