Monday, July 25, 2011

"We'll Always" The new iPad 2 Commercial [Video]

Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial called ‘We’ll Always’. This time with We’ll Always, which shows why “We’ll never stop doing the things we love, but with the iPad we’ll do them in amazing new ways.”. This new ad almost follow the same theme set by prior iPad 2 ads. This commercial shows the things you can do with the 2nd generation iPad. It shows organizing photos in the native Photos app, flipping pages of an iBook, and streaming a baseball match.

Be sure to note the minor reference to OS X Lion in the ad, courtesy of the Alphabet Fun app. Whether you agree with the sentiment or not, it's hard to argue against the effectiveness of this ad and the other iPad commercials Apple's come out with so far.
We’ll never stop sharing our memories or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We’ll still go to meetings, make home movies and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.

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