Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Apple now Offers Free Recycling of old PCs,iPhone, iPod and you also get Gift Cards

Apple has started another program for free recycling of old PCs, iPhone , Mac or iPod. So if you got an old Mac or PC and you want to get rid of it, you just have to take it to the Apple and if this old, dusty beige-box worth something then you'll get an Apple Gift card or else Apple will recycle it responsibly for you. And if you've got an old iPhone or Mobile Phone, you can send it to Apple by Mail and they'll recycle it for good, and If you're tired of you old iPod you can take it to the Apple Store and in return you get get 10 percent off a new one.

This service, provided by Apple and PowerON, a California-based reseller of used and refurbished computers, is completely free of charge. Simply visit the Apple Reuse and Recycling Program website, select what kind of device you want to recycle (any desktop, notebook, iPad, or iPhone), and then fill in a few details about the device. For Windows desktops the only factors seem to be the case size and the processor speed; for laptops, the screen size and processor speed. For Apple products you need to select the exact model. On the next page you provide a few details about the condition of the computer: Does it boot up? Is it scratched? Can you can provide the original driver/OS disc? And so on. You’ll then be given an estimated fair market value — or if the device is too old or in bad condition, you’ll simply be told that it’s worth nothing (but you can still recycle it for free).

So that's pretty good, but not satisfying as Amazon has a trade-in service too, and it covers a much broader range of products, from electronics to books to DVDs. You get Amazon Gift Cards, too, which are far more useful than Apple Gift Cards. So why not give that a try?

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