Friday, October 7, 2011

A Complete Walthrough of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango [Videos]

Microsoft New Mango OS is now finally available for all the Windows Phone users, As you might know WP 7.5 (Mango) has brought loads of new features to windows phones. To get to know all those features, WindowsPhone Youtube chanel has released series of new Videos that will show you evertything inside the Mango OS and give you an complete overview of it.

So check out all of the videos below:

Connect and Share with Windows Live and Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone 7.5 is the only phone that pulls together Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail, so you can easily follow the friends you want to. See how easy it is to stay connected with the people who matter most.
Windows Live Messenger built-in to Threads on Windows Phone 7.5

Now your online conversations don't have to stop when you and your friends are on the go. You can use Windows Phone 7.5 to chat on Windows Live Messenger or Facebook, and even if they have to leave their computer, it's easy to switch to text and pick up where you left off with Threads on your Windows Phone. See how easy it is to keep the conversation going.
Office built-in to Windows Phone 7.5

Stay productive on the go with Office and Outlook right on your phone. Windows Phone 7.5 makes it easy to sort, scan and respond to emails. You can even review, edit, save and email docs with the mobile versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. See how much you can get done.
PowerPoint built-in to Windows Phone 7.5

You can easily access PowerPoint from anyplace with Windows Phone 7.5. The mobile version of PowerPoint lets you make changes, view your presentation notes, save to SharePoint or SkyDrive, and lots more. See how productive you can be.
Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger built-in to Groups on Windows Phone 7.5

Organize your contacts in groups and pin a group to your Start screen so you can get updates to text, email or IM the whole group at once. It is easy to plan a book club, a night out with friends and more. See how seamlessly Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger flow in Groups.
Hotmail built-in to Windows Phone 7.5

Want to stay on top of your email? With Hotmail and Windows Phone 7.5, you can quickly read and respond. It's easier to organize, see if you have new emails, filter to unread messages and more. Watch how easy it is to see everything in your inbox at a glance.
OneNote built-in to Windows Phone 7.5

With the mobile version of OneNote and Windows Phone 7.5, you can take notes whenever you're on the go. You can even synchronize your notes and access them on your computer when you get back to your desk. See how easy it is to be productive anywhere.
Outlook built-in to Windows Phone 7.5

Stay on top of your email wherever you go. The mobile version of Outlook makes it easier than ever to sort emails and keep track of conversations. With Windows Phone 7.5, you can sort, organize and view your work, personal and Facebook calendars all in one place. See how you can tame your inbox.
New Bing search features built-in to Windows Phone 7.5

Bing and Windows Phone 7.5 makes searching on the go easy. You can search with your voice or try Vision search using the camera. And if you hear a good song playing somewhere, you can find out all about it with Music search. Your phone "listens" and then displays the title, artist, album, and even where you can hear or buy it. Check out all the ways to search with Bing and Windows Phone.
The only phone with Bing Local Scout

Live like local, even when you're not. Windows Phone 7.5 and Local Scout powered by Bing dishes up nearby restaurants, shops, and activities, so you can be an insider wherever you go. You can even hear voice directions to make getting there easier. See how Windows Phone can help you find the local hot spots.
Vision Search built-in to Windows Phone 7.5v

Interested in the book your friend is reading or something they're wearing? Snap a picture of it with your Windows Phone and Bing Vision Search will display results all about it, even where to where but it.
Windows Phone with Bing Search Built-in.

Now it's easier than ever to search the web, map an address or find an answer, thanks to Bing and Windows Phone 7.5. It's all at your fingertips with Bing search and Bing maps. See how Quick Cards help surface and organize the information you're looking for when you're on the go.
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