Friday, October 7, 2011

iPhone 4S Data Plans Comparison - Sprint vs AT&T vs Verizon

Apple has now updated their Store with the new iPhone 4S and it's now available to Pre Order. So you now now order you own iPhone 4S, but the question which carrier should you choose and this time you have an extra choice i.e Sprint. So here we have compared Data Plans of all the carriers to make it easy for you to choose. So lets see who brings the best data, text, and voice plan.

Here's the comparison chart:

So if you see above, AT&T brings the cheapest Data Plans as you have to pay $55 a month but you’re only going to get 450 minutes and 200 MB of data without a text messaging plan to pull it off. (So maybe not a good choice)

Now, The Best Data Plan which we think is the Sprint as it gives you 450 minutes, and unlimited data and text messaging will net you a solid plan for $80 a month. Keep in mind the “unlimited data” is around 5 GB, though this was true for Verizon as well when they carried unlimited plans.

So choosing Sprint would be wise choice, rest depends on you.

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