Monday, October 10, 2011

Facebook Mobile Site updated with HTML 5

As Facebook has released their long-awaited iPad App, they have also updated their mobile site with the latest HTML 5, which brings App like features in it. So when you're browsing facebook on your Mobile phones you'll feel like using the Facebook app. So this is also a part of "Project Spartan" initiated by Facebook.

So this is a very huge improvement in facebook mobile site, it's fast and easy. Right now there are some bugs in it, As it doesn't support WP7 properly right now,Backgrounds aren't rendering where expected sometimes. But these are short term and not that much noticeable bugs so these will be fixed soon.

The main purpose of the update is actually to enable application developers to create mobile applications for their full Facebook counterparts, so that users can play games -- such as Farmville -- or use other apps on the go as well.

Go to from your Mobile phone to see the new facebook.

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