Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Save or Increase the Battery Life of iPhone 4S [Tips]

The new iPhone 4S as we know have the almost same battery as the iPhone 4 that is 1432 mAh, but the new iPhone 4S have loads of new features including the Siri and others which comes with iOS 5. And also the 8 MP camera of iPhone 4S which makes 1080p videos is awesome but it really affect the battery life of iPhone. So lots of new features means lots of tasks and more battery consumption.
And it was already an Issue on iPhone that it consumes more battery than it should it was due to iOS bug but it was soon fixed with an iOS update. iPhone 4S is much upgraded version of iPhone 4 that means it have more powerful processor and 7x better graphics and the battery is same so this means battery consumption is even more.

Here we've collected some points due to which iPhone looses a lots of Battery, so consider these points as it will help you save your iPhone battery.

1: Turn off Wi-Fi
So let's start with WiFi, It's a big factor that costs you lots of battery consumption. It mostly happens that users turn on the WiFi while they're not connected on any network, and if you don't need it turn it off only use it when required.

2: Turn off Location Services
There are lots of Apps that nowadays uses your location services, this means when your GPS is on you are emitting Data which means battery lost, So it's better to turn off the location services when you don't want the GPS. Also to inform you that Turning off Location services is good but with that you'll not be able to use to use Find My iPhone

3: Turn Bluetooth Off
Bluetooth is also the reason your iPhone looses battery, So when you're not transferring data via Bluetooth, then make sure it is turned off.

4: Shut off Push data
Push Data is really useful, as the new email are more conveniently pushed to you, but the bad news is it costs battery life to be worse. So always try Turn it off by opening Settings, selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then Fetch New Data rather than keeping it on all the time.

5: Disable Vibration
Vibration consumes most of the iPhone's battery almost all of it if it's turned on, if you're the one having so many calls at once and if you've turned the vibration on the forget about longer battery time. So better turn it off from the 'Sound' option.

6: Make sure Auto-Brightness is on
Users usually set the brightness to high so that they can easily see the screen, it's good but bad for your battery. So if you just use Auto-Brightness, it adjust according to the environment and also saves battery.

7: Make sure Auto-Lock is on 1 Minute
Keeping your iPhone on for a Long time means it's display light is running and it's loosing battery while you're not even using it, So if the Auto-Lock time is as minimal as possible it would be better for your battery.

8: Turn off Cellular Data(If not needed)
If you get poor cell reception at your home or place of business, you might try turning off Cellular Data if you don’t need it. Searching for service weighs heavily on your battery. Turn it off in Settings by selecting General, and then Network.

9: Turn the Equalizer off
Equalizer is always automatic (Default Setting) so when you're listening to songs on your iPhone it adjust itself automatically which causes battery lost. So if you either turn it off or set an genre so it doesnt change automatically,which will save you a lot of battery.

10: Try to Restore (It helps!)
At the end of it all, Restoring is the last option. Most of the users dont want to do this. But it really had an affect on your battery if you do. Because there might be a lot of problematic data or settings that may be causing your battery to drain after using you iPhone for a long time. So if that data is cleared by restoring(not from a backup) it helps increasing your battery life.

So these were the following points that is affecting your iPhone battery. And also the new Siri feature in iPhone 4S consumes lots of battery because it process your information and also transfer data back and forth with Apple’s servers which means battery consumption. So rather not using the Siri for fun when you need more battery.

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This article also gives some great tips on how to save iphone 4S battery life!

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