Thursday, October 6, 2011

(Page 2) Life Time Of Steve Jobs [Pictures Gallery]



Mac Team

With John Sculley and Wozinak

Steve Jobs with Apple (famous one)

Fired From Apple

Steve is shown the Z3 supercalculator in Germany in May 1985

Steve With John Couch

Steve With John Sculley

With John Sculley

With John Sculley

With John Sculley and the Mac team

On Fortune Magazine Cover

Steve receives the National Technology Medal from President Reagan

With Adobe founders John Warnock and Charles Geschke

Steve With Bill Attinkson

Steve Jobs with Young Bill Gates

With John Couch, head of the Lisa project

With Mike Markkula

Steve Jobs and Whole Mac Team

Dan'l Lewin, Rich Page, Bud Tribble, Steve Jobs, Susan Barnes and George Crow at NeXT's offices in Palo Alto

Ross Perot invests in NeXT

The NeXT co-founders at Steve's Woodside mansion


NeXT's executive team

Steve Jobs and his daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Posing with NeXT Cube

At NeXT's offices in Palo Alto

Steve Jobs at Seybold 1989, next to Bill Gates and John Warnock

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