Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life Time Of Steve Jobs [Pictures gallery]

In The Memory of Steve Jobs, A great Genius and a Great Man. Here we have collected some Photos which puts a light back on Steve Jobs early life. The gallery Contains every single picture from his childhood till the Age of 56. Check out all of them below:


Age 14

Age 16

Age 17

The Electronics Club at Homestead High School


With Dan Kottke

With Woz, and the Apple I computer, in 1976

With Wozinak and a blue box in 1974

With Wozinak, and the Apple I computer, in 1976

Between Dan Kottke and Woz

With Mike Marrkula

1979 - 1980

At Ben Rosen's birthday with Regis McKenna

Outside Woz's home

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