Thursday, October 6, 2011

(Page 3) Life Time Of Steve Jobs [Pictures Gallery]


Eminent members of the Macintosh team: Andy Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson, Bud Tribble and Steve Jobs, meet at Andy's house for his 40th birthday (April 6, 1993)

Introduction to NeXT Station 15 September 1990

Steve Jobs With Bill gates at Home

Steve Jobs with Sun's Scott McNealy


Triumph of the Nerds

With Morgan Stanley executives in 1994

With NeXT's temporary COO Peter Van Cuylenburg

Steve Jobs with his son Reed

1995 - 1996 – Pixar / Return to Apple

Emeryville, California, USA --- Pixarians lounge with CEO Steve Jobs, on couch front right, and John Lasseter, lying down on couch, in screening room before the launch of movie Toy Story. All the animators in the picture became multimillionaires with their stock options.

Steve Jobs and Apple CEO Gil Amelio

At Pixar Animation

Pixar CEO Steve Jobs and Disney CEO Michael Eisner


Woz, Steve Jobs and Gil Amelio @Macworld SF 7 January 1997

06 Aug 1997, Boston, Massachusetts, USA --- MACWORLD EXHBITION IN BOSTON

Bill Gates on the big screen @Macworld Boston 6 August 1997

Power Mac G3 Special Event (10 Nov 1997)

Steve Jobs and actor Noah Wyle @Macworld NY (21 Jul 1999)

Steve Jobs with Jonathan Ive and Laurene after the keynote @Macworld Boston 6 August 1997

Apple Expo (17 Sep 1998)

Macworld San Francisco (6 Jan 1998)

Trying to demo Mac OS X Server with 50 iMacs @Macworld Tokyo (18 Feb 1999)

Introducing Mac OS X Server on Mar 16, 1999

Macworld NY (7 Jul 1998)

Macworld San Francisco (6 Jan 1998)

Macworld SF (5 Jan 1999)

Seybold SF (31 Aug 1999)

Power Mac G3 Special Event (10 Nov 1997)

With Mac OS X chief developer Avie Tevanian @WWDC (10 May 1999

With Avie Tevanian at Apple (30 Sep 1999)

With Quark founder Fred Ebrahimi, introducing XPress 6

iMac DV Special Event (5 Oct 1999)

iMac Special Event (6 May 1998)

05 Jan 1999, San Francisco, California, United States --- STEVE JOBS PRESENTS THE NEW APPLE MODELS

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